Glamour Offer

Free Glamour Retouch!

We can bring out your beauty! See the glamour retouch below for an example of how we can made you look glamorous. Photo Rescuer is expanding it's glamour retouch business, and we would like to add glamour retouches to our Gallery on this Web Site. We need portraits or head shots that are in reasonably good condition. In order to get your free professional Glamour Retouch, all you need to do is agree to permit us to display your before and after photographs on our Web Site.

If you are interested please contact us by sending an Email message to or call us at 301 873-3983.

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Glamour Retouch Example

The steps we took in doing the glamour retouch of this photograph included:

  • We desaturated her skin (reduced the color intensity)
  • Smoothed over her skin
  • Whitened her teeth
  • Brought out the color of her eyes (and brightened the whites)
  • Lightened her hair slightly
  • Added a little blue eye shadow