Interested in Photo Restoration & Retouching?

Katrin Eismann is a well-known and internationally respected lecturer, teacher and writer on the subject of imaging, restoration and retouching.

Katrin's books are the best we have read on the subject of Photoshop Restoration and Retouching. They are extremely comprehensive, informative, and easy to follow. You will need some basic Photoshop knowledge to make the most out of them. (We are not affiliated with Katrin Eismann or her books).

Interested in Professional Photoshop Tutorials?

When it comes to professional tutorials and advice on Photoshop and Photoshop restorations, you'll find it at "PhotoshopMama's" web site. Photoshop Mama is actually a very talented Photoshop instructor, and all the information and tutorials on the site reflect her professionalism. There are also a number of impressive gallery's to see.

Smart-Sharpening of Photographs?

Smart sharpening of photographs is very important to our business. We have found that QImage is the best software for the job, and compliments Photoshop. It's excellent sharpening algorithm saves us hours trying to do the same thing manually. QImage also smartly handles the placement of multiple pictures on a printed page. For more information visit the QImage Website. (We are not in any way affiliated with QImage or it's vendor)