Moderate Restorations (page 2 of 2)

Old Family Photograph ~1932

This photograph was severely faded, coarse, and had some stains most, notably on the child's face. The following restoration steps were taken:

  • Removed several stains from child's face
  • Restored black, white and gray levels
  • Reduced coarseness in faces, clothes and house
  • Restored grass in yard
  • Sharpened the photograph

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Old Photograph of Grandparents ~1940

This photograph is from Mike Morning at, and it is one of two photographs of good friends of his grandparents. It was severely cracked throughout and faded. To repair it we took the following steps:

  • Removed all cracks throughout the photograph, including faces, clothing, windows and siding
  • Rebuilt parts of faces
  • Rebuilding windows and siding
  • Improved brightness and contrast

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Soldiers in Africa - 1904

This is a 1904 photograph of German soldiers in Africa, belonging to Marc Delhalle of Germany. The photograph is faded, and has marks on faces, uniforms, and the building. We took the following restoration steps:

  • Cleaned up all marks on faces, uniforms, and the building
  • Adjusted overall tone and contrast
  • Sharpened the overall photograph
  • Added a sepia (i.e. brownish) tone to the photograph