Price List

Each photograph and document has its own set of challenges, and each Customer has their own unique set of preferences on what the restored or retouched photograph or document should look like. Therefore, we cost out each job separately. The table below gives a good guide as to prices for our work. Many simple restorations end up costing $50 or less, while severely damaged photographs with missing facial areas, major tears, major stains, etc., are more.

Please note that all jobs $100 or more will require a 25% advance deposit.

Restoration & Retouching Prices (click on icons below for samples)

Basic Restoration Moderate Restoration Major Restoration Document Restoration

  • Removal of a few small cracks, scratches, spots, stains, folds, etc.
  • Removal of a few blemishes or scars
  • Restoration of  faded images
  • Whitening of  teeth
  • Cropping, resizing and enlarging if possible without losing detail
  • Red eye removal
  • Image sharpening
  • Minor to moderate color correction
  • Removal of cracks, scratches, spots, stains, folds, etc. where facial features are not significantly impacted
  • Repair of  facial and skin issues including skin tone, complexion, face lines/wrinkles, and spots , opening eyes
  • Restoration of  faded images that contain moderate loss of details
  • Hand colorization (if no other significant damage)
  • Adding or subtracting a person or animal
  • Removal of dental retainers or braces
  • Changing the background
  • Removal of cracks, scratches, spots, stains where facial damage is involved
  • Repair of large areas of photo missing or significantly damaged
  • Facial reconstruction
  • Restoration of  faded images that contain major loss of detail
  • Hand colorization of photograph (first repairing any damaged areas)
  • Addition or subtraction of more than one person or animal
  • Removal of cracks, scratches, spots, stains, scotch taped areas
  • Repair of missing cursive and printed text
  • Repair of missing areas of document
  • Assembling torn pieces of document together
  • Enhancing faint writing or text
  • Color correction of faded paper

Other Prices

Service Price
Extra CD-rom with the original and restored photographs $2.95
Scan picture only (without retouching) $1.95
Additional prints1
2 x 3 $0.35
4 x 6 $0.99
5 x 7 $3.99
8 x 10 $6.99
11 x 14 $12.99

1 While we produce prints that match and in most cases exceed the quality of retail film processing labs, in some cases our costs are higher due to our lower volume of print work, we therefore encourage you to use your favorite film processing lab for volume prints.